• in power plants failure to detect defects in superheated steam pipe results in a catastrophic failure
  • a typical electricity power plant of 500 MW (both nuclear and conventional) has up to ~4 kilometres of pipe work carrying superheated steam.
  • Cracks (due to creep and fatigue) are generated particularly in pipe welds and if undiscovered, may grow until the pipe ruptures.

Proposed Solution

  • to develop a long range ultrasonic system with high temperature capability for continuous in service inspection and structural health monitoring of steam pipes in power generation plants.

Proposed Objectives

  • to determine by modelling the optimum LRU mode at normal and elevated temperatures
  • to produce LRU transducer collar arrays that can operate at temperatures of up to 580°C
  • to produce an LRU pulser-receiver that can operate multiple LRU transducer collar arrays
  • to develop software that will perform trend analysis on data received continuously over long time periods

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