With our experience and knowledge, we can provide quality assurance and quality control during nuclear power plant design, construction, installation supervision, start-up, operation and maintenance such as:

  • preparation of a manual for plant quality and corresponding quality assurance and quality control documents according to quality standards
  • preparation of QA plans based on the required ISO standard, IAEA publications and/or US codes and standards
  • development of QA & QC procedures and working instructions for different activities related to the project including work control, reporting system, non-conformities, audits
  • training the QA & QC personnel for different quality activities
  • surveillance of follow-up of the established rules for documents and records control procurement control, nonconformities control, corrective actions control
  • controlling the on/off site manufacturing and installation activities for: mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation & control, and civil constructions
  • development of technical specifications
  • development of project management guidelines
  • supervision of ongoing work and adherence to technical rules
  • definition of the technical acceptance criteria
  • technical review of final documentation
  • assistance in preparing the start-up program
  • development of start-up procedures
  • participation in the execution of the start-up program
  • review of start-up final reports
  • preparation of the preventive maintenance program and procedures
  • internal/external audit of activities on/off site (technical documents and records, performance of control activities)

30 Years of technological excellence

We have gained international acclaim for developing technologies for nuclear power plant examination and repair, inspection and repair services, as well as various engineering studies that we conduct as our regular scope of activities.

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