FALCON<sup>A</sup><span style="font-style:italic">II</span>

FALCON A II is a small size, high screen-to-body EC Array instrument completely optimized for hand-held inspections in the aviation industry.

Product Overview

Key features

  • Optimized for hand-held inspections in the aviation industry
  • Completely symmetrical- for left or right hand use
  • Two finger principle-total control of the user interface with just two fingers
  • Lightweight - under 2kg with batteries
  • 7“ touch display with user controls and acquisition software
  • Battery life of 8+ hours
  • Charging- via USB type C
  • Optional*- AR glasses-providing „heads-up“ display functionality for the user

Supported methods

  • EC - LF and HF probes, sliding probes, weld probes
  • ECA -surface array probes providing C-scan view
  • Rotational inspection- all standard rotational probes
  • Conductivity and coating thickness


  • 2 coil inputs
  • Up to 5 simultaneous frequencies
  • Up to 160 data channels
  • Maximum 32 probe coils
  • Frequency range- 10Hz- 6MHz
  • Generator output- up to 20 Vpp


  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB-A, Bluetooth

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