FALCON<sup>P</sup><span style="font-style:italic">II</span>

FALCON P II is a new generation high performance eddy current instrument with an integrated battery and industrial user interface with 7” display for on-site testing. It supports all common eddy current inspection techniques.

Product Overview

Key features

  • Embedded 7” touch display with user controls and acquisition software
  • User friendly interface
  • Lightweight - under 5kg with 2 batteries
  • Integrated battery with 8 hours of autonomy
  • Rugged, shock resistant industrial cover

Supported methods

  • EC - Eddy current
  • ECA - Eddy current array
  • RFT - Remote field testing
  • NFT - Near field testing
  • MFL - Magnetic flux leakage
  • Conductivity and thickness


    • Applicable for tubing and surface array inspection
    • Multiplexer version available
    • Compatible with other vendor probes through custom adapters

    Probe connector

    • 8 phisical inputs
    • Up to 5 frequencies simultaneously sampled
    • Up to 640 multiplexed, timesloted channels
    • 2 powerful generators up to 30VP-P and 1A each
    • 10 Hz -6 MHz bandwith

    Auxiliary connector

    • 2 encoder inputs support all encoder types connection- X,Y scanning
    • 4 +4 digital isolated inputs and outputs
    • Power supply for encoders or additional equipment


    • Ethernet connectivity with local web server for data transfer between any PC/tablet - no application required
    • Optionally- connect to a PC for remote inspection with using INETEC´s EddyOne Acquisition and Analysis software

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