Virtual Reality in our Software Development Department

Published: 03.12.2021.

Virtual reality is the usage of computer modelling and simulation that enables the user to interact with an artificial 3D environment.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

The application of virtual reality immerses the user in a computer-generated environment that simulates reality through the use of interactive devices that send and receive information and are worn as glasses, headphones, gloves or suits. Usually, virtual reality includes the user who wears a helmet with a stereoscopic screen which displays animated images of the simulated environment.

The illusion of immersion comes from the motion sensors which read the user’s movements and adapt the view on the screen accordingly in real time. This is why the user can move through a simulated environment and experience a change of view and perspective which is considerably related to his or her own head movement and steps.

Application of Virtual Reality

Even though virtual reality usually comes to mind when talking about video games and movies, it is applied in some other very important areas. Often it is used in physical exercise in real life. Simulation is so appealing because it opens the possibility of training, which is the same or almost the same as in real life systems, but it costs less and the level of securitiy is higher.

With the development of technology and placing new demands on faster and more cost-effective prototyping for engineers, virtual reality systems are increasingly being used in the development, design, assembly and testing of various robotic systems.

Virtual reality can be applied in various ways, some of which haven’t been discovered yet. The usage of these high tech systems shortens the development period and decreases the number of design mistakes. The creation of detailed simulations enables us to identify and eliminate errors before a system starts running.

Virtual reality application does not stop there. It can be used in new employee training and education to help them overcome obstacles at a new workplace faster and get a good idea of what awaits them. All this decreases development and production expenses and contributes to quality.

Text by: Filip Vlahović, Software Development Associate

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