IAEA Data Animation: Meeting Climate Goals as Countries Embark on Nuclear Power

Published: 13.04.2021.

Nuclear energy is increasingly recognized as vital to supporting sustainable development and climate change mitigation. Belarus and the United Arab Emirates began using nuclear power for the first time. Kenya and Uganda are looking to reduce its dependence on hydro and fossil fuel imports - and nuclear power is an intriguing option. In Sri Lanka, the government is looking at nuclear power to provide about 11% of the country’s electricity after 2030. 30 countries consider or embark on nuclear power including Bangladesh and Turkey, which are building their first reactors. Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country of 33 million people and a top global uranium supplier, is looking to nuclear power to enhance energy efficiency and boost generating capacity. Jordan, a Middle Eastern country of 10 million people, is considering nuclear power to increase its energy security and address its water scarcity via nuclear desalination.

Source: IAEA


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