INETEC General Data Protection Regulation

The INETEC - Institute for Nuclear Technology Company to which you are applying (“INETEC”) is processing information about you, which constitutes “personal data”.

In this context, we are committed to keeping you fully informed about our activities involving the processing of your personal data pertaining to talent management, scouting, assessment and acquisition activities and application, in general, for positions in INETEC.

When applicable, INETEC will act as Controller of your personal data. Under certain circumstances, third-party contractors will process your personal data on our behalf and acting under our instructions. These third-party contractors may also act as Controllers for specific purposes and you will be promptly informed.

Processing of personal data

In the context of the above described, we will only process information that is relevant to you as a candidate or as an applicant, which in some cases might require key strategic validations for skills and professional standing. Such may be as follows:

  • contact and identification information (e.g. name, first name, last name, gender, date and place of birth, nationality, email and/or postal address, fixed and/or mobile phone number, immigration status, electronic email );
  • family, hobbies or interests (not mandatory and only as you deem necessary to share);
  • past remuneration and benefits data (such as salary level and amount, bonus, stocks, options, insurance and other benefits);
  • education and professional status (such as employment and education history, professional qualifications, certifications and experience, past employers and their contact data);
  • electronic identification data (e.g. picture or facial image, publicly available profiles on social media, sound or image recording such as remote conferencing platforms);

Only when legally permitted in your country, information pertaining to legal standing, credit and background validations depending on the position’s responsibilities, information necessary to complete a background or credit or solvency check as well as judicial data and investigation data (e.g. proceedings, outcomes, information, documentation and convictions). Please note that the performance of these checks will be dependent on several factors such as the position, as well as local availability and viability of each INETEC/ legal entity offering such position. You will be provided with further details on this, should it be relevant to your application.



Insofar as strictly necessary, publicly available and legally permitted, your sensitive information only if you voluntarily allow for disclosure or sharing (such as visible or reported disabilities or protected group belonging, religion or church affiliation, diversity and inclusion related information, labour union membership).

More generally, INETEC will process information that you voluntarily and willingly disclose mostly during interviews and which should be strictly related to your professional capacity and fit for the corresponding open position.

You may, at any point in time and without any repercussions, limit or suspend the sharing or disclosure of information related to you directly or indirectly. INETEC is committed to honoring your privacy and intimacy at all times. Just notify your interviewer or HR about your concerns.

Processing of personal data on the basis of legal grounds

In this context, we will process the above personal data on any of the following legal ground(s), depending on the applicable Law:

  • your prior consent (unless you have agreed, we are unable to hold any data on you); the necessity of the processing to perform our contractual obligations towards you or to take pre-contractual steps at your request;
  • the necessity of the processing to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations;
  • the necessity of the processing to protect your vital interests or those of another person; or
  • the necessity of the processing for our legitimate interests, which do not unduly affect your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

Processing of personal data for specific purposes

In this context, we will process the above personal data for the following purpose(s):

  • phone or electronic communications, including interviews in person or remotely;
  • apply assessments, tests or suitability evaluations, fitted to the corresponding open position;
  • perform background or employment checks (when applicable);
  • verify your identity, academics or qualifications;



  • perform data analytics to improve our internal processes, as well as to provide a better service to you when applying for an open position at INETEC;
  • administer your application through specialized and external recruitment platforms, whether online or;
  • share relevant information to the hiring manager or selection committees, when applicable;
  • keep a temporal database of key-position applicants for future reference. INETEC may, prior express consent from you, share your information with other companies for similar purposes, only;
  • as required under applicable law.

Duration of storage

The information you submit will be retained in the candidate database for a period of 12 months since you last updated your profile, or longer if you have updated your candidate account (e.g. apply to another job, update your CV/Resume). Recruiters at INETEC and affiliated companies worldwide will be able to access your Information and may contact you should a suitable opening arise.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

Whenever we process Personal Data, we take reasonable steps to keep your Personal Data accurate and up-to-date for the purposes for which they were collected. We will provide you with the ability to exercise the following rights under the conditions and within the limits set forth in the law.

If you wish to contact us regarding the use of your Personal Data or you want to object in whole or in part to the processing of your Personal Data, please contact us. INETEC shall handle these requests on behalf of until further notice via the contact details above. If you have provided consent, you may withdraw consent. You may also request, subject to confidentiality obligations, to:

  • access your Personal Data as processed by us or ask for correction or erasure of your Personal Data;

I confirm that I understand the above-stated and I agree to the processing of my personal data.

By submitting my application, I confirm that, only if expressly required, I consent to the Employment, Background, Credit and Legal Standing Checks, where legally permitted and as required for the specific open position, on my personal information as outlined above. Such checks may be performed or conducted by the corresponding INETEC legal entity’s contractors.

I hereby authorize and agree to assist the corresponding INETEC/ legal entity or any authorized third party supplier acting on its behalf, to verify the information provided by me to the extent permitted by law, in connection with my application for employment.

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