• INETEC uses a mechanical plugging technology for the installation of leak resistant plugs on both ends of the tube to prevent the flow of media through the defective steam generator
  • the main characteristics of the mechanical plugging technology are the following:
      • fast plug installation
      • plug removal possibility
      • small number of simple installation steps
      • possibility to control plugging process
      • possibility of in-service inspection of plug
      • very good records in service life
  • plugging module is mounted on INETEC eddy current inspection system so called CASTOR
  • the positioning of the manipulator is achieved by application of machine vision EddyOne Vision
  • software for plugging EddyOne Plugging is a part of the EddyOne Software Package

30 Years of technological excellence

We have gained international acclaim for developing technologies for nuclear power plant examination and repair, inspection and repair services, as well as various engineering studies that we conduct as our regular scope of activities.

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