CASTOR is a remote-controlled manipulator, designed for the inspection of VVER steam generator tubes with eddy current probes, ultrasound examination of collector welds and for tube plugging.

Key features

  • applied for all steam generator VVER types
  • modular design with modules for tube eddy current testing inspection, weld ultrasound/eddy current inspection and tube plugging
  • easy modules exchange
  • installation without personnel having to enter the steam generator
  • real-time 3D visualization and inspection simulation
  • log file generation via EddyOne Control
  • machine vision
  • power supply: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • air supply: 5-8 bar
  • operating voltage: 48 V
  • fully integrated distributed control system (DCS)
  • independent, high speed two axes movements: 3 r/min, 0.5 m/s
  • position accuracy ±0.1 mm
  • protection level up to IP 68

ET inspection module

  • designed for eddy current inspections of VVER steam generator
  • applies bobbin probes, rotating probes and array probes
  • dual guide tube orientation in horizontal or vertical position
  • calibration standards for array and bobbin probes integrated into the guide tubes
  • two independent pushing units
  • easy access to driving wheels pushing/pulling speed: 0.5 mm/s – 2600 mm/s
  • pushing/pulling force up to 100 kg
  • intelligent wheel drive
  • emergency brake
  • fully automated inspection
  • integrated machine vision

UT inspection module

  • designed for ultrasound inspection of VVER steam generator collector welds
  • incorporates up to 8 ultrasound and eddy current probes
  • module provides ultrasound inspection in the circular and axial direction
  • independent water supply system
  • operates underwater

SG tubes mechanical plugging module

  • fast plug installation
  • three simple installation steps: tube end rolling, tube rolling and mechanical plug installation
  • plug removal possibility
  • very good records in service life

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