The innovative design of the Inetec Weld probe is capable of addressing the inspection needs of several industries relying heavily on carbon steel, such as the onshore and offshore oil and gas, wind power, and structural industries.

The Inetec weld probe is specifically designed for cracking in carbon steel and is capable of positioning cracks, measuring their lengths and sizing their depth. This can be achieved without removing paint or protective coatings, unlike more conventional techniques.

Inetec Weld probe is designed to eliminate the permeability variation effects and the nonuniform lift-off in the near-weld region which results in intuitive and easy interpretation of measured impedance signals.

Technical information:

  • Operating frequency range: 100 - 200 kHz
  • Probe footprint - 5 mm x 5 mm
  • Minimum detectable longitudinal crack length: 3 mm
  • Minimum detectable longitudinal crack depth: 0.5 mm
  • Maximum reliable measurement of crack depth: 5 mm
  • Length and depth sizing accuracy: +10 - 20%
  • Scan speed: 200 mm/s
  • Maximum lift-off tolerance: up to 3 mm

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