Published: 07.01.2021.

Qualifications are everything in this industry, and we sure go for it!In order to prove to the power plant owner that we can carry out an inspection with certainty, i.e. find and measure presumed defects in the material, weld, pipe, etc.Qualifications are usually carried out on the same material as the material being tested. Qualifications are performed according to different standards, American ASME code, European standard, etc.They are performed on open blocks with known positions and sizes of indications where all relevant parameters are selected and adjusted such as probe selection, scan speeds and index values, various UT parameters etc.All parameters are optimized so that all indications can be properly and within strict criteria evaluated but unified and achieve a competitive test speed in order to reduce the inspection time.After that, qualification is conducted on so-called blind block. The blind block, as its name suggests, has an unknown number of indications, unknown sizes and orientations in unknown places. The goal is to detect and evaluate all indications in that block.The entire qualification process is controlled by an independent qualification body according to the guidelines of the country's nuclear regulatory body.Not to mention that the experience of the staff is invaluable in terms of professional development.

30 Years of technological excellence

We have gained international acclaim for developing technologies for nuclear power plant examination and repair, inspection and repair services, as well as various engineering studies that we conduct as our regular scope of activities.

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