Innovation Fun Facts

Published: 22.01.2021.

Innovation Fun Facts

So before electricity, light bulbs, LEDs and neon lights, there was a modest firefly. The light emitted by fireflies is a type of bioluminescence. It is formed by the natural reaction of oxygen and chemicals in the back of the firefly. Almost 100% of the energy in this reaction is converted into light. In comparison, some light bulbs lose almost 90% of their energy converting it into heat. As light passes through the bulb into the space, the part is mirrored back into the interior. Fireflies have a serrated rear that prevents reflection. Scientists have copied such material on LED lamp housings and improved light transmission by 50%. Ingenious, isn't it?

By the way, most nocturnal creatures love darkness because it hides them from predators or prey. So why do fireflies light up then? Different species flash differently and emit light of different colors to identify and find possible partners. And when the frog eats the firefly, it also starts to glow!


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