Open position on Smart EC project- External Expert Consulting Service

Client : INETEC- Institute for Nuclear Technology Ltd., Dolenica 28, 10250 Zagreb , OIB: 69707113052

Subject of procurement : External expert consulting service

Project Name : SMART EC: a diagnostic system for testing with eddy current method


  1. Job description :

The service is necessary due to the need for additional professional knowledge and previous experience in the field of computer modeling and additional strengthening of knowledge and competencies of the Client's team in this segment . The external expert will mostly be deployed around the processing and analysis of results in the framework of activities Experimental demonstration the concept of the SMART EC diagnostic system and the activities of the Laboratory validation of the technological concept of the SMART EC diagnostic system .

  1. Expected deliveries by an external expert as part of the Experimental Demonstration and Laboratory Validation of the SMART EC Diagnostic System concept include:
  • highly professional consulting in the field of analysis of the current state of industrial achievements in the field of eddy current methods
  • electromagnetic modeling of eddy currents with emphasis on generating directed fields (education , implementation of simulations , analysis of results)
  • highly qualified consultancy in the development of prototypes of EC probes from the point of configurations and coils type selection
  • analysis of test results and validation of prototypes and final product

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