How to ace your first job interview

You have sorted out your resume, sent an application, and got a job interview invitation. What now? The interview is your opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer and show them why they should hire you.  

If you google "how to prepare for a job interview" you will get 400 million results. It would take you a long time to read all these online tips. Nevertheless, it is important to dedicate time to preparation before the interview, and to be focused and present during the interview.

The importance of preparation

What many candidates overlook is the importance of simple preparation before coming to the interview. Showing indifference to the company and the position, you would certainly agree, is not a great start to the interview. Investigate what the company does because interviewers often ask what you know about their company. That way you can demonstrate that you prepared for this interview. Obviously, at INETEC we do not expect you to list the parts of a nuclear power plant or explain the difference between types of nuclear reactors. Nevertheless, it is certainly advisable to have ready a summary about the core business. In addition, it is always good to go through your resume before the interview. The interviewer may ask you for details regarding something you stated. If you did a student project, remember what you researched in that paper. If you have previous work experience, prepare answers about the tasks you had there and your accomplishments at work. Come to the interview on time - if you are late, apologize.


Authenticity is always valued in a job interview. The story of how great you speak English or that you are proficient in Inventor can go well in an interview, but what if your skills are not so great and you get the job? Show enthusiasm and a sincere interest in the job. At INETEC, we constantly keep an eye out for those who have a desire to learn and grow. Openness to new areas and willingness to explore is what attracts us to each other. There are no incorrect answers in the interview - tell us about your real experience or how you would do something. Show how committed you are to achieving your goals. At INETEC, we are strongly committed to our work, but we also know how important it is to celebrate the successful end of the project.

At the end of the interview, think about the questions you would like to ask. Will these be technical issues or are you more interested in the organization of work and the company culture? Any question you might ask is better than none - you will leave the impression of greater interest and round off the whole conversation brilliantly.

What is the next step? The interview went great, you presented yourself well, you have the required education and/or experience. However, there is still no magic answer on how to get a job. In addition to education and experience, employers look for somebody who will fit in with the existing team and organizational culture. Sometimes you do not get the job you really wanted, but there is always a reason –  you will find another company that is ideal for you.

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