From student's internship to career at INETEC

Back in December of 2019, while I was looking for an exciting and interesting master’s thesis topic, I got in contact with a Senior Robotics Expert and at INETEC at that time, who became my mentor as well. I was working on a design and FEM analysis of pneumatically actuated gripping mechanism. This task gave me a huge amount of information regarding INETEC's core business - nuclear industry - and it also gave me insight into INETEC's portfolio and various robotics systems used for nuclear power plant inspection to ensure a reliable energy source without environmental pollution. After successfully completing my master’s thesis, I had 3 more months to finish my faculty obligations, and I was also offered an R&D Internship at INETEC. That was a really amazing experience, it allowed me to apply everything I had learnt to something new that would one day be used in nuclear industry, while also learning new and exciting things.

After graduating I started working as an Associate in Robotics Department, my first task was to validate a concept for a new robotic system and test components that are critical to determine if this design could be applied to a new manipulator in the future.

At the same time, I was also supporting NDT Department with various tasks regarding equipment modification to enable better and faster inspection. I was mostly working on modifications regarding LANCER manipulator that is used for reactor pressure vessel inspection.

A turning point was my involvement with a project team in charge of developing the TARGET manipulator, which is used for bottom mounted instrumentation (BMI) inside reactor pressure vessel. This project showed me that, despite having finished faculty, I lacked experience in some areas. To overcome this, I decided to talk to people with vast experience in R&D at INETEC and ask for their opinion regarding the problems I came across. The project taught me a valuable thing: with the help of others, you can overcome all the problems and you should never be afraid to ask questions and admit that you don't know something.

I was also involved in FEM analysis of a manipulator that will be used for weld inspection of ITER vacuum vessel.  

At the moment, I'm in charge of developing mechanical plugs that are used for repairing damaged steam generator tubes.

INETEC competencies

INETEC is an amazing company that works on cutting-edge technology in different areas (nuclear, aerospace, medical and space industry). The way that INETEC keeps growing every day and creating new technology that is reliable, efficient and innovative, is astonishing. The foundation of each product is a passion for new technologies and protection of the environment for future generations. Each INETEC's product has the flexibility to adapt to best fit the customers’ needs.

One of the best things is that people who work at INETEC are like a big family, it is a blend of people with vast experience in designing products and robotic systems and young, less experienced people with a huge passion for technology and innovation. This blend is the reason for innovative and cutting-edge products that have already been developed and that will be developed by INETEC in future.


30 Years of technological excellence

We have gained international acclaim for developing technologies for nuclear power plant examination and repair, inspection and repair services, as well as various engineering studies that we conduct as our regular scope of activities.

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