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ZENITH is a flexible, self-driven, remotely controlled robot designed for the ultrasonic, eddy current and visual inspection of the unpiggable pipelines. Different modules provide inspection of carbon steel and/or austenitic steel pipelines from 80 mm ID and from 1.5 diameter elbows. It is self-driven device capable for inspection of entire pipeline length even in vertical configuration.

Key features:
  • unique, custom-made lead screw allowing high force drive through the pipeline and elbows
  • smooth passing through demanding shape of the pipeline
  • complete volumetric examination
  • inspection module containing ultrasonic and eddy current sensors
  • P&T camera mounted on the front of the manipulator used for pipeline ID visual inspection
  • possibility of use in the dry pipelines due to self-water supply
  • IP68 protection level provides inspection of the pipelines filled with water
  • position verification
  • user friendly manipulator control software
  • manual, semiautomatic and/or automatic mode of operation
  • linear axial speed up to 50 mm/s
  • inspection module rotating speed up to 20˚/s
  • possibility of manual manipulator retraction from the pipeline